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063 – Deal

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Kitt looked at the little girl on the bed, face as pale as the sheets. The sight brought an ache that gripped at his heart and screamed at his soul.

“Are you sure?” the kind lady beside him asked. She smelled of earth and grass, felt warm and true like sunlight.

Kitt looked at the man keeping vigil by the bed. Daddy’s eyes were red and swollen, his face a portrait of helplessness and fear.

The lady took Kitt into her arms. He didn’t really need to say the words.

“They’ll know,” she said, then took the cat’s soul away.


Superstition (more of a note, really =^^=): I have had cats die unexpectedly at around the same time as a loved one came close to danger and/or death itself. My Mama says there’s a belief that cats do and will exchange their souls at a moment’s notice to ensure their human family’s safety. I do not believe in a lot of spiritual hogwash these days, but this one will forever hold a special place in my heart. ♥️

*Inspired by the prompt take care  from The Daily Post.

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Drabble #061

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He found her on his porch one cold night, her tiny body wet and shivering from the rain. He took her in, dried her up, and offered her his dinner, even though he has not eaten since breakfast and his stomach was already cursing him in French.

Soon, she grew into a beautiful furry scavenger, his lucky charm. What little food he had that he offered to her that first night and every night since, his cat returned ten-folds.

Thanks to those fancy lady’s pouches she brought home each night, they could now enjoy a full pot of rice everyday.


Superstition: If you leave some rice in the pot, there will always be something in the house to eat.

*Inspired by the prompt Lukewarm from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #057

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He dreamed of numbers everyday for a week. It seemed insignificant at first, until he was seeing different digits in his sleep.

The first one was “3,” the second was “11.” He barely remembered “23” on Wednesday, and on Thursday he got “12.”

Friday was rather stingy with a “1.” Saturday and Sunday made up for this by giving him “40” and “42.”

A close friend told him to try his luck at the lottery. He used the first six digits and won the biggest prize.

“42” was the number of times the thief would stab him in his sleep.


Superstition: A person who dreams of numbers will win the lottery.

*Inspired by the prompt Nightmare from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #052

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She was the first virgin to get pregnant in their town. Mother couldn’t be prouder.

She knew enough not to question the circumstances of her conception. Grandma often told her it was too divine to understand.

But Father had always thought otherwise. Perhaps this was the reason why he left without saying goodbye.

Father did not believe she was worthy and even once tried to take her away.

If only he could see her now—

The first wave of labor pains ripped through her body, making her scream.

She was dead before she could hear her horned baby’s first breath.


Superstition: If a pregnant woman’s abdomen is pointed, her baby will be a boy; if it is round, the baby will be a girl.

*Inspired by the prompt Depth from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #051

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The kid had been standing in his usual corner, staring at her like he was cursing her soul.

Mommy told her to stop staring back. But she couldn’t help it. She didn’t like strangers in her house. She had enough of those at the orphanage.

“I don’t know who you are, or what your deal is,” she said one fine night, while flossing the meaty bits of her new Mommy stuck to her teeth. “But this family is mine, so you better stay away.”

The ghostly apparition opened his mouth in a silent scream.

“Tomorrow, it will be Daddy’s turn…”


Superstition: The number of people sleeping in a new house the first night should be the same for nine consecutive days. Otherwise, death will occur.

*Inspired by the prompt Peculiar from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #038

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He’s a weirdo, or so they say. He knows himself enough to believe them.

Did he hate them? Of course not! They know better than he does after all.

They think of him in contempt, but he in his inherent humility always tries to understand where they’re coming from. Even if he doesn’t, he convinces himself he does.

And when they come running down the school corridor, with a hand to their face, blood spurting from their cut tongues, he genuinely feels sorry for them, too.

He may be the forgiving sort.

But the old crone he calls grandmother isn’t.


Superstition: If a person bites her tongue, it means somebody is thinking of or talking about her.

*Inspired by the prompt Sympathize from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #037

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Just another day at work, another bullet buried deep into the skull of his latest assignment.

Ben sighed before stepping into his apartment.

“How was it?” came a sultry greeting, her expensive perfume betraying her identity.

“It’s done,” he grunted, not bothering to turn on the light. “He will not be bothering you anymore.”

“Good.” The bed creaked loudly as the woman stood up. She tossed something to his lap and squeezed his shoulder before departing his place.

He brushed his fingers through the wad of money his mother left him, wondering which drunken stepfather he’d have to kill next.


Superstition:If you wear black clothes even though you are not in mourning, one of your relatives will die.

*Inspired by the prompt Puzzled from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #035

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The lightning strike jolts his senses alive, only to fry them to death the next second.

He has never felt pain like this before. It burns and tears his flesh as it cruises through his veins.

But just before his life could begin flashing before his eyes, he finds himself looking at his own image.

He’s smiling and shaking his head like he knows he’s not gonna make it.

Only a moment ago, he owns that body.

Now he lies here trapped in a furry prison, watching his wicked cat take its new vessel for a ride in the storm.


Superstition: If you bathe a cat, lightning will strike you.

*Inspired by the prompt Stifle from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #029

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Her gaze darts around the now familiar establishment.

One middle-aged man is quietly enjoying a late-night dinner at the bar.

There’s a couple snarling at each other in one corner, as collective laughter erupts from a booth of rowdy teenagers on the other side.

She walks over to her usual table, exchanging knowing smiles with the cooperative owner along the way.

Darkness descends as soon as she sets her bag on the floor.

Panic grows thick in the air when the first victim starts to scream.

Seven souls are being claimed tonight.

And tomorrow, she will be seven times richer.


Superstition: Don’t set your purse or handbag down on the floor, or you will not prosper.

*Inspired by the prompt Carry from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #027

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She has been reciting the names in her head.

Over and over until they’re blending into each other.

A never-ending mantra carving out a path of intense purpose in her mind.

First names and surnames. Even nicknames and birthdates so she does not mistake one from an innocent namesake.

She says their names so much each day, she can almost feel them taking form, fusing into a single presence hounding her and gradually fueling her dark intentions.

The names have been logged into the black book of death tucked under her pillow.

Tomorrow, she begins work as Death’s newest reaper.


Superstition: After studying at night, place the book you’ve been studying under your pillow, and you will retain what you have read.

*Inspired by the prompt Study from The Daily Post.
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