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IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Day 10! 😊

The Challenge

Welcome to the last task. This one is pretty easy!
“Happiness is … ”
Complete the sentence and grow it. Keep it a maximum of five hundred words or less.


happiness is now
and all the pasts that matter
for prime tomorrows.


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IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

Day 9! 😊

The Challenge

As a baby everything around is new to them. They slowly learn things by keenly observing how each and everything is done. It’s a pleasure to watch a baby learn new things. They learn that they need to cry to get something. They learn that they need to put forward their hands to reach out for something. Many such slow incremental things accumulate in order.

Now the task is if you were to see something with a fresh new perspective, what would be it? Give a baby step to something and explore this new perception and dimension with your engaging thoughts. You can give a fresh meaning to a new word, sentence, concept or anything weird or meaningful.


I absolutely have no memory of when I was a baby and have always been amazed at people who can actually recall bits and pieces of their lives from when they were in their mothers’ wombs.

How cool would it be if I had just one memory I could dig up and associate with my diaper days? How dark was my mother’s womb? How cold was it in there? Could I have been traumatized in any way while I was there that I ended up being so claustrophobic now?

Can the baby inside a womb feel anything at all? When does a baby acquire a soul? What kind of thoughts could be running through their heads? Do they dream? Do they even try to open their mouths and speak? And if they do, what could they be trying to say?

If I were a baby in my mother’s womb and is currently trying to make sense of the world around me, I’d probably hurt myself wondering why I even needed to leave such a warm and comfortable place to begin with. Why can’t babies just stay in their mothers’ wombs forever? Why do we even have to exist and live in such a dangerous world only to die and repeat the same cycle over and over again?

Then again, is reincarnation even real? And if so, do we find ourselves in our new mother’s womb and feel like we’ve been there before, or do different wombs have different atmospheres to them?

Who knew being a baby can be so complicated?

tl;dr ~ I learned nothing of importance. 🤔😝😂


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IBMC #08: The Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Day 8! 😊

The Challenge

You are going to enjoy this. You will pick a nursery rhyme and make a new interpretation of it. You are free to make edits to that rhyme and then give an interpretation. The only ultimate restriction is that there has to be rhyme and a new context to it. Let your imaginations flow.


Inspired by “Humpty Dumpty”

curious kitty is stuck in a hole,
curious kitty had a great crawl;
all of mom’s homies, and all of dad’s crew
couldn’t pull kitty out of the loo.

Disclaimer: No actual kitty was hurt in the making of this rhyme. 





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IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge

Day 7! 😊

The Challenge

You are going to pick up a news paper article. Either online or take a snapshot from the hard copy paper. Use appropriate reference for the article you have used. You need to debate and discuss your view points on the selected article. How best can you do? You can pick up any category like general, politics, entertainment, etc. Even guest columns are very much appreciated.


Screenshot of article from The DailyNet. Click image to open article.

Although I like reading this type of articles, it doesn’t mean I completely put my faith in what they have to say. They may be accurate for some, but completely rubbish for others.

Then again, could this really be the case? Or is it only because we often refuse to acknowledge the negative parts of ourselves that we end up scoffing at these studies before actually giving them a chance?

I personally find that some of the things this particular article says about how I make a fist are on point, while some just misses me by a mile. But it’s okay. The stuffs that aren’t true for me may be true for others, while the ones that are so-me may not make sense for them.

Aside from affirming my own weird behaviors (😂), I find good use for these articles whenever I work on getting to know the characters in the story I happen to be working on at any given moment. I get to give them tics that not only add dimension to their personalities, but also help me keep their behaviors consistent.

So, how do you make a fist? 👊


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IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge

Day 6! 😊

The Challenge

You are given with a poem, picture and a word. You will combine all and write a post. All the three have to be interlinked in your post. They can be used in any context.


search of skin,
color no matter,
brighter or darker,
tell no one,
I will take someone,
– ghost, me!



The strange screech sounded like a telephone ringing across the dark void. This is her cue to open her eyes, blinking several times until the blinding fluorescence becomes her reality.

She reaches out a hand to it, opening her lips in a silent scream. Her mouth quickly becomes a receptacle for the frantic seas. Wave by salty wave comes rushing in and rolling out through the jagged gaps between her teeth.

The water trembles and overturns her final salvation’s flimsy vessel.

She opens her eyes again. The blinding fluorescence has become warmer and the seafloor is no longer her reality.

Her morning screeches with renewed life as the alarm clock beside her bed announces her new existence.

“Jessica, honey! Get up! You’re late!” a woman screams outside her room.

The newly reassigned spirit smiles and mouths a jeering prayer to the poor little school girl now stuck in her place.


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IBMC #05: The Not So Quite Quote Challenge

Day 5! 😊

The Challenge

There are five quotes given to you.

No! The challenge is not to describe any one quote. You need to use all the five quotes a stitch a story. A short story which uses all of them. All the best!

Note: Texts in red are quotes provided for the challenge.

At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else! Over-thinking robs us of our common sense. No wonder I am confused at times.

“Should I sound? Should I echo?” the wind asks itself.

You need not answer all the questions! With how things are going now, you can just laugh and laugh again.

Because thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for!

Fear can feed us false hopes to drown our dreams.

An idiot can scream, “I knew it!” over and over to the passing breeze, while an uncaring universe plainly scoffs, “That I don’t know!”


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IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge

Day 4! 😊

The Challenge

Given to you are five haiku’s. Pick any one and write your interpretation to it. You can build a story and make the haiku part of it. You can continue the haiku and make another poem out of it. Let the creativity wander and hunt it down the way you want.


love lasts for a while,
when the while is forever,
forever looks a while.

He wonders what it’s like to live forever. She’s all about living each day as they come.

She accuses him of being overly dramatic. “Just stay in the moment, be with me.”

But when every breath he takes pulls him away from her side, moments can hardly last a heartbeat.

She closes her eyes at night. He opens his in the morning with no memory of her face.

Somewhere in time they always meet again, when she re-appears in his vision, calling out his name.

They fall in love anew. Lose their hearts by morning.

Then start all over again.


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IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge

Day 3! 😊

The Challenge

It’s a challenge to see how random can you be. Write ten sentences where there is no connection to each other. Go as random as you can get. Show the creativity in the paragraph and surprise the reader. The story sure need not make any sense. But must sure give a laugh to the reader.


A dumbass is coughing up 10 random loonies from her bin.
Doesn’t that cloud look like a marshmallow in heat?
Hoping to break boundaries, he farted and said, “Hi.”
Cats are reptiles that earned their fur in an evolutionary battle with roaches.
Why are chocolate spreads so expensive?
Wouldn’t you just love to eat pizza in space?
She looks at him like she has eyes on her butt.
The monkeys lost their marbles to the sea.
Hiccups are secrets left unsaid.
If we were hatched from eggs, wouldn’t we be a better species?


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IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge

Day 2! 😊

The Challenge

For this challenge, you will pick up a photograph and describe the memories associated with it. You are welcome to do it on any kind of photograph. It could also be your thoughts on any random photograph. Your post will contain a photograph and a description to it. Add appropriate references if necessary. The length of the description can be wisely decided.

02_Freeze a Foto

I never used to like going to the cemetery. However, I soon realized that this was only because I would only go there on All Saints’ Day when half of the people in the metro were also there. I don’t really like having to elbow my way through a huge crowd just to get to where I want to be. I’d sooner give up and turn back home, if I weren’t there with my family.

After my father died and I have had occasions of going to the cemetery on regular days, when I could literally just dance around the pathways leading to my destination, I have learned to love the calming silence of just being there and the freedom of exploring and getting a feel for the place.

And for some reason, this particular statue near where my father’s grave is would never fail to catch my attention. I feel drawn to it, but at the same time have also always been too afraid to peer into that empty-looking hole at its feet.

What used to be in there and where could it be now?

Every shot I take whenever I am at the cemetery seems to have a story it wants to tell.

I have already learned to love the tranquility of the place. Perhaps someday soon, I will also be brave enough to tell its stories.


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IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

In the next 10 days, I will be taking on the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge (IBMC)! 😊

The Challenge

Write a paragraph of 100 words (around and approximate) by selecting any of the below mentioned topics. Feel free to pick the one of your choice. The paragraph has to explain your perspectives on the mentioned topic.

The writing should not be indented to more than one paragraph. After writing the paragraph, write a one line summary that captures the gist of what you want to say.


The Cool and the Fool

What does it take to be cool? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? For me, beauty hardly even matters, especially when I am already busy laughing at a stranger’s damn-if-I-care antics, or admiring a real trooper’s unbounded courage, their resilient will to embrace their own truths. The world needs to ease up on all these set standards dividing people into the “cool” and “uncool” crowds. A person doesn’t have to try too hard to be perfect. If I end up being labeled a fool for being myself, then so be it. Live to please nobody but yourself.

tl;dr ~ Be cool, be fool.