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042 – Heartbeat (Collide, #5)

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He remembers her.
It’s been a decade and five, but she has not aged a year.

“Aleks,” he smiles, holding out a hand;
giddy heartbeat filling the gap between each mesmerized sigh.

The woman called Sen doesn’t even look at him;
chops another firewood and asks, “You’re with the traveling theater?”

“Yes,” he squeaks;
clears his throat. “I mean, yeah.”

“What do you want?”
Her words feel as sharp as her ax now.

Still, Aleks itches to ask—
If she knows him…
If she remembers…

But her brown eyes are suddenly on him.
And his heartbeat starts fading;

—then stops.

*Inspired by the prompt teenage idol  from The Daily Post.

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041 – Irony (Collide, #4)

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Aleks is sleeptalking again. It wouldn’t have bothered Lustro, if he could understand even half of what the dumbass is saying.

Aleks has also been scratching himself shamelessly, slipping a hand down his pants so much that Lustro is now considering pulling those stupid pants off and–


What does he intend to do, exactly?

Aleks turns to his side like he’s just been reading Lustro’s mind.

Lustro snorts at the irony of it all–

Aleks is his every reason to believe in a better tomorrow.

To get there, the dumbass is also the one person he needs to kill.

*Inspired by the prompt reason to believe  from The Daily Post.

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040 – Mud (Collide, #3)

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Kids! His stupid twin is playing with kids! Laughing and muddying up his face like it’s all he lives for—!

The face the dumb prick shares with him. The dumb face those kids no longer respect!

Vin taps the dagger on his hip, his grip tightening as Aleks nosedives into the muddy puddle. He itches to just stop time and make ribbons out of those kids’ flesh—

The more perceptive Lustro joins in, forcing Vin to slip behind a tree, cursing.

Aleks squeals like a pig.

Vin’s grip tightens even more. His hand starts bleeding.

Just a little while now…

*Inspired by the prompt can’t stand me  from The Daily Post.

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039 – Bird (Collide, #2)

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First Part | Second Part | Third Part

“It’s that bird again,” Aleks says, following the animal’s flight, a hand shading his eyes to the sun.

Lustro looks up as the black bird alights on a nearby tree. “What about it?”

“It’s been following us since two—No…” Aleks flips his fingers, counting. “Maybe four or five towns down.”

“A fan, perhaps?”

“Whose, mine?”

“No, mine,” Lustro smirks. “I was quite dashing in our last show!”

“Sure,” Aleks teases, landing a playful punch on his best friend’s arm. “Mr. Bug-in-the-Meadow!”

“Whatever, Mr. Dead-Tree-in-the-Mountain!”

They laugh and tease some more.

The bird keeps watching.

And Lustro secretly watches back.

*Inspired by the prompt witness protection  from The Daily Post.

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036 – Cake

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“This is coffee.”

“I know.”

“I asked for lemonade.”

“Sorry. No lemonades here,” Lucas says, struggling to keep his no-fucks-given attitude.

“I’m not paying for this.”

“It’s on the house.” He throws in a slice of cake. “This too.”

The boy picks up the plate and starts sniffing. “Are you always this generous?”

“Only on weekends.”

“What’s the catch?”

“Just freakin’ take it, okay?” Lucas’ annoyance rises with the heat in his cheeks.

“It’s not poisoned, is it?”

“Poison comes at extra charge.”

“Prick,” the boy mumbles, blushing.

“Yeah, I think you’re cute, too,” he mumbles back, hiding a smile.

*Inspired by the prompt not lemonade  from The Daily Post.

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033 – Smile (Circuits, #7)

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The red line in Feebz’s goggle-eye is quivering in small, hopeful curves. “You like it?”

Last Man frowns at the huge nearly perfect circle freshly painted on the wall. “Where have you seen it?”

Feebz slaps his shoulder, chuckling. “It’s your face, silly!”

“It’s a smiley face.”


“I don’t smile.”

“Oh, but you do!” The line starts peaking into mountains now.

“Well, I hate it.” he mumbles, turning away to hide his secret grin.

Feebz’s shoulders slump with a soft whir.

“It’s missing your smile beside it,” he teases.

An hour later and the smiling football head is done.

*Inspired by the prompt quote me  from The Daily Post and the line, “Your art matters…” from One Tree Hill.

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028 – Perfectly Perfect

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The girl on the glass can’t be her. But she’s also never seen her own reflection for days.

Her skin looks pale, thick and cold against her palms. Her eyes are sunken – tired but full of life. Her lips are dry, chapped – stained red from her last meal that took out a tooth and clawed off her nose.

She’s lost most of her hair now, her scalp breaking out in flakes. There’s a deep cut on her cheek. A new spot on her forehead has begun to rot.

She could almost smile.

The decomposing corpse beside her snarls in admiration.

*Inspired by the prompt this is your song  from The Daily Post and the song Perfectly Perfect by Simple Plan.

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027 – Curious (Circuits, #6)

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Feebz’s voice chip had been the hardest to customize—

“I couldn’t decide whether to configure a slobbering pet or a companion that won’t shut up,” Last Man mumbles, turning to his side.

Feebz starts clawing at air with her disjointed fingers. “Meow.”

“Stop it, Feebz,” he groans, lacking conviction as Feebz hops around his bed, meowing and pawing in turns.

“Sourpuss,” the giggling robot teases, slumping to the couch.

It’s not that he regrets his choice. Feebz is good companion, never a dull moment.

He just wishes she’d stop being so curious at half-past midnight—

“So, about this football head…”

*Inspired by the prompt voice work from The Daily Post.

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026 – Companion (Circuits, #5)

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If someone had told him he’d be stuck with a robot companion in a hundred years, Last Man would have laughed it off and said, “Who’d want to live that long?”

A hundred and fifteen years and thirty major upgrades to his mechanical parts later, Last Man would have already forgotten what laughter is, had it not for the perceptive robot with the football head.

“Reminiscing again?”

“Hmmm…” he mumbles, amused. While he’s become half-machine out of necessity, Feebz’s circuits seem to be turning human out of sheer will.

“Need a reboot?”

“In a while,” he says. “In a while.”

*Inspired by the prompt roaring laughter from The Daily Post.

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025 – Cover (Circuits, #4)

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First Part | Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part | Fifth Part

The remaining cover of Feebz’s hardbound comic book falls off. “Oh no!”

He watches amused as the red line on the robot’s goggle-eye wobbles; her precocious circuits clearly catching on to her distress.

“There goes my fairy tale!” She sits beside him with a huff, her book on her lap.

He reaches out to take it and carefully skims through the paneled pages. “I didn’t know you could read.”

“I couldn’t. But pictures tell the story, see?”

“This ain’t fairy tale, though,” he muses, catching “death” where she’s pointing.

“Well, doesn’t that depend on who’s reading?”

He smiles. “Good point.”

*Inspired by the prompt second time around from The Daily Post.