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Six Sentence Stories 4 – Fountain

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“They say, when you drink out of this fountain, you will never grow a day old again,” he gushes, breath hitching as the excitement of his discovery completely washes over him.

“Well, they’re not wrong,” she scoffs, clenching her fists to stop herself from dragging the mesmerized guy away from the deceptively inviting sparkle of the springwater; knowing she could never touch a hair on his body anyway.

The clueless dolt, deaf to the rest of the world, scoops a handful and sniffs it as though holding a bouquet of flowers, “Ah, immortality!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she warns, tired of this routine by now; knowing that like her, they would always drink the water anyway.

She doesn’t take her eyes away this time when the guy starts to choke, and openly laughs her ghostly kind of laugh when the filmy form of the guy’s confused, yet ageless soul starts separating from the rest of him.

Death will be so pissed when he sees a dead body floating in his bathwater again.

*Inspired by the prompt FOUNTAIN from the Six Sentence Stories weekly challenge on girlieontheedge.

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Six Sentence Stories 3 – Island

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“How long has it been?” Sol asks, heavy-lidded eyes fixed on the night sky.

“Damn if I know, man,” Anders sighs beside him, sounding just as lazy.

The beach has gone quiet, the tides fortunately low. The stars have been winking at them—mocking them for what seems like eternity.

If he were a speck of light in the sky, looking down on two guys buried to their necks in the sand, in some private island off the coast of nowhere, all because their friends thought they needed time to talk without bolting out on each other, Sol would be laughing, too.

“When we get out of here, let’s find better friends,” Anders suggests, to which Sol just snorts as their hands, which have found each other’s grip underneath layers of sand, tighten around each other.

*Inspired by the prompt ISLAND from the Six Sentence Stories weekly challenge on girlieontheedge.

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#SixSentenceStories 2 – Pad

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“You’re a frog,” the princess says, not even disguising her disdain.

“Well, I certainly am no freshwater flower, missy” the frog shrugs, hopping onto the next lily pad with the grace and precision of a five-year habit. “And the witch did say any princess will do—”

“I ain’t kissing no frog!” the princess shrieks before diving into the water with the temper of her sixteen years made worse by one week’s worth of cursed magic.

The persistent frog prince will find another princess to kiss the following year.

It takes twenty years for the fish princess to be so lucky.

*Inspired by the prompt Pad from the #SixSentenceStories Challenge @ GirlieOnTheEdge.

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#SixSentenceStories 1 – Wave

Here’s another challenge I’m trying out hosted @ GirlieOnTheEdge

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A wave goodbye was the last thing they shared before she went her way and he just stood there watching.

It’s been a decade since and he still thinks about that day, Should he have stopped her, would she have stayed?

She tells him to stop acting like he cared and he tells her to please get out of his head.

A scream jolts him out of his thoughts—a phantom echo, a recurring nightmare engulfing him even in wakefulness.

She never got to scream then.

Strange that it’s all he hears now instead of the deafening explosion that turned her car into useless scraps, and her into a vengeful memory haunting his conscience for the rest of his life.

*Inspired by the prompt Wave from the #SixSentenceStories Challenge @ GirlieOnTheEdge.