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Three Line Tales 11 – Lost


week 192
photo by Sara Riaño via Unsplash

“Peter, where are we?” Dorothy asks, cuddling her dog tighter. “This is neither Oz nor Kansas.”

“I don’t know.” Peter scratches his head, sending pixie-dust flying everywhere. “This sure ain’t Neverland, either.”

“Oh, stop whining, you two,” little Alice sighs, throwing away her cake. “I’m just glad everything’s the right size again.”

*Inspired by the photo prompt above for Week 192 of the Three Line Tales Challenge @ Only 100 Words.

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061 – Croak! (Ditches, #8)

sunlight beaming on green trees
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Prince Jon sighs as early morning sunlight touches his face. So comforting. So reassuring.

So right.

So unlike the nightmare of last night.

Of his cousin tripping over an ancient lamp.

Of a wispy purple genie with questionable skills.

Of a frog princess, as big as a bull, appearing out of nowhere—


The startled prince’s eyes snap open, a croak escaping his own throat as the fainting spell wears off and his nightmare’s huge, bulging eyes fills his vision.

“You wish it, you own it,” the unrepentant Genie declares.

Sammy snorts in her laughter.

The frog prince faints again.

*Inspired by the prompt ebb and flow  from The Daily Post.

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060 – Princess (Ditches, #7)

woman wearing crown holding frog figurine
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“A princess?” the genie asks, fresh out of his ancient lamp. “You’re asking for a princess?”

Sam fights the urge to groan and roll her eyes a third time. Prince Jon grumbles incoherently on her shoulder. “Can you or can you not do it?”

“You doubt my powers, you impertinent fools?” The offended genie huffs himself to double his size. “Of course, I can!”

“So, do it,” Sam dares.

“One princess fit for your cousin, coming up!” Another huff, a puff, and a sparkly snap of fingers.

And an overgrown frog with a princess crown pops out of thin air.

*Inspired by the prompt generous genies  from The Daily Post.

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#SixSentenceStories 2 – Pad

nature water eyes pond
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“You’re a frog,” the princess says, not even disguising her disdain.

“Well, I certainly am no freshwater flower, missy” the frog shrugs, hopping onto the next lily pad with the grace and precision of a five-year habit. “And the witch did say any princess will do—”

“I ain’t kissing no frog!” the princess shrieks before diving into the water with the temper of her sixteen years made worse by one week’s worth of cursed magic.

The persistent frog prince will find another princess to kiss the following year.

It takes twenty years for the fish princess to be so lucky.

*Inspired by the prompt Pad from the #SixSentenceStories Challenge @ GirlieOnTheEdge.

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055 – Cursed (Ditches, #6)

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Prince Jon may not deserve what came to him, but the situation is still funny nonetheless.

Whose fault it was depends on who you ask. The prince insists the attack had been unprovoked. But the witch had looked upset enough to warrant name-calling claims of the “old fat cow” variety.

“Serves you right,” Sam sneers, keeping the horse in a steady trot, leaving the isolated hut in the woods and her cousin’s stag behind.

On her shoulder, Prince Jon lets out a tiny croak of protest, webbed paws struggling to keep traction.

“Kissing frog princes is so last year, though…”

*Inspired by the prompt a brand new you, effective tomorrow  from The Daily Post.

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Three Line Tales 2 – Old Habits

lady in yellow
photo by Les Anderson via Unsplash

The urge to stretch and scratch is so strong, it freezes her mid-step.

What to do? What to do?, she panics, mind scrambling to remember the fancy virtues she took great pains to learn to get here.

Courage, honesty, selflessness—all useful bargaining chips for a blue fairy to turn cats into full-blown ladies. Totally useless for navigating city streets in heels and persistent old habits.

*Inspired by the photo prompt above for Week 177 of the Three Line Tales Challenge @ Only 100 Words.

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048 – Shoe

art broken explosion glass
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The shoes fit perfectly. Fit so well and light that she could almost forget they exist—

One step… Two step… Three…

Was this also why she lost one of them, running down the palace stairs away from the Prince?

“Please, fair maiden! Stop!”

She heard the call. The startled gasp, too. And the heavy thud-thud-thud of a body tumbling down the stairs in all the wrong angles.

The glass shoe burst in the Prince’s hand. One last tumble and its orphaned heel had drilled into his heart.

Ella had since buried the other shoe.

The palace guards were still looking.

*Inspired by the prompt worst case scenario  from The Daily Post.