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069 – Sean

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Sean knew he shouldn’t keep the telly open well past bedtime But he couldn’t help it. He also did not regret it.

“That stupid movie again?” his brother grumbled under a clump of moss.

“Shut up,’ he hissed back, not blinking. Never taking his eyes off the scene.

Even with the movie muted, the now familiar cacophony of human screams filled Sean’s head as the windy funnel took the school bus off the road and threw it like a weightless rock to the sea.

It was the biggest shark-fest in movie history.

And Sean loved every bloody second of it.

*Inspired by the prompt hate to love  from The Daily Post.

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068 – Cake

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The intruders were young, barely teenagers.

They were sprawled on the carpet, watching cartoons while eating his cake.

He’d tell them to leave, if he weren’t too worried about upsetting Sally again.

Sally hated it when he treated her guests unkindly.

Even when they were rude and were eating his cake!

He had been hoping to dig into that sugary treat tonight. He’d even practiced his fridge opening technique, too—!

“Dad!” Sally called out. “Your stupid old dog’s home! I think he wants to eat my friends!”

They laughed.

But if they weren’t too skinny, he’d seriously be considering it.

*Inspired by the prompt unexpected guests  from The Daily Post.

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067 – Shirt

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The Mickey Mouse shirt held memories—too complicated to admit, yet too special to let go.

Pierre never intended on wearing it again.

But after Gwen accidentally poured coffee on his suit while on the way to meet her probation officer, Mickey was all he had left to dress up his dad-bod flabs.

Why he kept it in his car all this time, he had no idea—

“Mr. Bautista,” Ted, the probation officer says, a familiar glint in his eyes. “I see you’ve kept my shirt.”

Who knew being a dad to a teenage daughter could be this messed up?

*Inspired by the prompt third rate romance  from The Daily Post.

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066 – Final Draft

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The words came to him in a flood of inspiration, merging and flowing together as though in a dream, creating scenes as vivid as life and as intense as his next breath.

What usually took him half a year to plan and the other half to barely finish, was now coming to him in droves, springing out of an endless well of ideas that was all his to exploit.

His fingers were on a mission, willing slaves to his mind’s final bursts of whimsy.

Because tonight was his last night on earth.

And this story could never die with hi;bbvyjugfhkjlkllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

*Inspired by the prompt because the night  from The Daily Post.

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065 – Accident

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The lab took Daddy away in a burst of flames.

It was an accident, Mommy told everyone.

Old chemist tinkering with new ideas, resulting in bad chemicals colliding…

But the sadness in her eyes did not fool Sophie.

Sophie was down there, too. She saw everything through a slit in a forgotten closet.

The old chemist was Daddy. The new idea, his assistant. And the bad chemicals were them and Mommy colliding in a burst of tempers, betrayal and threats of death.

Sophie had never left Mommy’s side.

She hated Mommy for leaving her there.

Mommy didn’t even feel sorry.

*Inspired by the prompt 10,000 spoons  from The Daily Post.

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064 – Crowd

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The painting moves!, the little girl would often say.

It was only kooky Aunt Elsa who believed her. Everybody else thought it was just a phase.

But Aunt Elsa knew better—

The little girl had always been Grandpa’s favorite.

Not even the locks on the dead man’s old room, where the painting hang, could keep him from taking what was his.

So when the little girl finally disappeared, it was only Aunt Elsa who knew why.

She could see them—

A grinning old man and a scared little girl, blending in with the otherwise vibrant colors of The Marketplace crowd.

*Inspired by the prompt the artist’s eye  from The Daily Post.

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063 – Deal

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Kitt looked at the little girl on the bed, face as pale as the sheets. The sight brought an ache that gripped at his heart and screamed at his soul.

“Are you sure?” the kind lady beside him asked. She smelled of earth and grass, felt warm and true like sunlight.

Kitt looked at the man keeping vigil by the bed. Daddy’s eyes were red and swollen, his face a portrait of helplessness and fear.

The lady took Kitt into her arms. He didn’t really need to say the words.

“They’ll know,” she said, then took the cat’s soul away.


Superstition (more of a note, really =^^=): I have had cats die unexpectedly at around the same time as a loved one came close to danger and/or death itself. My Mama says there’s a belief that cats do and will exchange their souls at a moment’s notice to ensure their human family’s safety. I do not believe in a lot of spiritual hogwash these days, but this one will forever hold a special place in my heart. ♥️

*Inspired by the prompt take care  from The Daily Post.

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062 – Raid

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The police came at midnight. It was a good thing Wayne had already stashed his wife away.

He held his breath as the automated intruders raided his place, searching for a warm presence—a filthy human or two to dispose of before they further contaminated the air robots did not even need.

One came too close to the secret panel on the wall behind which his wife lay in a cryogenic sleep.

Sighing, Wayne decided to open his own panel and surrender himself.

His wife would be pissed, but she’d at least be safe.

This was all that mattered now.

*Inspired by the prompt safety first  from The Daily Post.

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061 – Croak! (Ditches, #8)

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First Part | Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part
Fifth Part | Sixth Part | Seventh Part | Eighth Part

Prince Jon sighs as early morning sunlight touches his face. So comforting. So reassuring.

So right.

So unlike the nightmare of last night.

Of his cousin tripping over an ancient lamp.

Of a wispy purple genie with questionable skills.

Of a frog princess, as big as a bull, appearing out of nowhere—


The startled prince’s eyes snap open, a croak escaping his own throat as the fainting spell wears off and his nightmare’s huge, bulging eyes fills his vision.

“You wish it, you own it,” the unrepentant Genie declares.

Sammy snorts in her laughter.

The frog prince faints again.

*Inspired by the prompt ebb and flow  from The Daily Post.

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060 – Princess (Ditches, #7)

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First Part | Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part
Fifth Part | Sixth Part | Seventh Part | Eighth Part

“A princess?” the genie asks, fresh out of his ancient lamp. “You’re asking for a princess?”

Sam fights the urge to groan and roll her eyes a third time. Prince Jon grumbles incoherently on her shoulder. “Can you or can you not do it?”

“You doubt my powers, you impertinent fools?” The offended genie huffs himself to double his size. “Of course, I can!”

“So, do it,” Sam dares.

“One princess fit for your cousin, coming up!” Another huff, a puff, and a sparkly snap of fingers.

And an overgrown frog with a princess crown pops out of thin air.

*Inspired by the prompt generous genies  from The Daily Post.