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Holiday Double Drabble

gift box ornaments hanged on tree
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She spots a ball wrapped in fancy christmas paper under the tree. Clive, her son will not be disappointed this year. A rectangular box, half as tall as Sussie, rattles with the dull, heavy thump of the doll her daughter has craved for everyday since it appeared on the toy store’s show window. She cannot wait to see those beautiful brown eyes lighting up at the sight of this equally beautiful treat.

She came late to the gift-giving part of the evening this year, owing to Johnny’s worst tantrum in years. But no matter. She’s sure the partially unwrapped train set in the corner will be enough to pacify her youngest. If she’s lucky, the little tyke may not even mind the bloodstains on the exposed side of the box. No, Johnny’s too young to question things like that.

Tonight’s a good night to spoil her kids rotten. She’s also had her fill of fresh blood from the family she’s been stalking for weeks.

Balancing her precious loots under both arms, Mary pays the Millers one last glance. Their eyes have glazed over, frozen in a familiar look of fear.

She genuinely hopes her gratitude reaches them in the afterlife.

*Inspired by this prompt from Writers Write’s Facebook page.

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Drabble #065

brown cardboard robot artwork
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Cleaning up has always been a tedious affair. The clanging bundle of metal marked CU148 would’ve hated being assigned to it, had he been given enough emotional chips to care.

But cleanup robots aren’t supposed to care. They aren’t supposed to feel anything besides a straightforward will to clear a post-apocalyptic planet of debris, following a mandated attack from an army of merciless destroyer robots.

Sentimentality has no place in a cleanup robots’ basic system.

But something akin to an ache in the chest always makes CU148 stop and pick something up to keep.

And his mementos just keep growing.

*Inspired by the prompt Record from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #064

boy child childhood happiness
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It’s like living in a dream, only that he’s been living the same one for the last five years.

He wakes up, brows furrowing as he realizes his mom is no longer in bed beside him.

The inevitable smile, the sparkle in his eyes as he bounces off into the kitchen, following the smell of bacon in the air—

Every morning it’s like this.

And every morning she would stand here, heart breaking anew, at the doorway of their old room, watching as the residual imprint of a life taken too soon relives his final hours on a different plane.

*Inspired by the prompt Fabric from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #063

photo of gray cat looking up against black background
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It was a messy situation.

Yet the more she tries to pull away, the more reason he gives her to stay.

He may not be the best at showing affection—then again, neither is she—but he more than makes up for this with the simplest of gestures, done in the most unexpected ways.

“Artie!” she shrieks, eyeing her smug companion with disgust and caution.

Artie mewls and gently noses the dead bird closer, green eyes briefly flashing with uncertainty before narrowing with unspoken threat.

She never likes the gifts, but always admires the effort.

Cats and their manipulative ways!

*Inspired by the prompt Messy from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #062

flight landscape nature sky
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he has always been the sky,
and she, his bleeding earth,

two different planes of reality,
two separate lines of thought,

melting into oneness at every horizon,
parting again at dusk;

never really knowing,
just existing,

never fully embracing

yet, when she looks up to him,
sighing, weeping, he lets go,

when her battered heart rides the wind,
he catches, he accepts, he surrenders,

tainted tears pouring like acid rain,
he prepares for the final strike,

she’s just as bare and beautiful
as she was at first light;

he has always been the sky,
and she, his bleeding earth—

*Inspired by the prompt Desert from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #061

adorable animal art bowl
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He found her on his porch one cold night, her tiny body wet and shivering from the rain. He took her in, dried her up, and offered her his dinner, even though he has not eaten since breakfast and his stomach was already cursing him in French.

Soon, she grew into a beautiful furry scavenger, his lucky charm. What little food he had that he offered to her that first night and every night since, his cat returned ten-folds.

Thanks to those fancy lady’s pouches she brought home each night, they could now enjoy a full pot of rice everyday.


Superstition: If you leave some rice in the pot, there will always be something in the house to eat.

*Inspired by the prompt Lukewarm from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #060

sea water wave sunrise
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She heard of the world beyond when she was five. Ten years later, it’s still all she wants to see.

Everyone who had seen the shore would speak of all the magical things she has always hoped to feel for herself.

Her fishtail has lost its significance as her heart continues to swell with hope at what awaits her on the other side.

She is fifteen when she sees the man on the ship.

Ten years later, they are still together, and all the world she needs, she now sees in his eyes.

They do shine brighter on the seafloor.

*Inspired by the prompt Aware from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #059

thank you text on black and brown board
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“Thank you,” is all I have to say for the times you weren’t there by my side.
Gratitude is what I feel for all the love you never once showed me.

I have nothing but praise for every time you screwed with my life,
and salute you for letting me go when I needed you the most.

I appreciate your lack of confidence in what I never knew I could do,
and will forever treasure the echoes of the encouragements you never once told me—

Because lying abandoned on the sidewalk of your mockeries, my soul finally found its purpose.

*Inspired by the prompt Gratitude from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #058

street lights during sunset
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The earth has one hour left to live. Everywhere is deceptively calm. Inside his heart, however, a storm is raging.

He has always known it’s bound to happen. He just did not expect it to happen this soon.

Now he sits here alone, on the couch where he used to chill with his girl, watching reels upon reels of the world ending in movies.

Their last time together led to an argument that now serves as the final irony of his life—

He said aliens. She said nuclear bombs.

A massive solar flame is about to prove them both wrong.

*Inspired by the prompt Storm from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #057

lots of numbers
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He dreamed of numbers everyday for a week. It seemed insignificant at first, until he was seeing different digits in his sleep.

The first one was “3,” the second was “11.” He barely remembered “23” on Wednesday, and on Thursday he got “12.”

Friday was rather stingy with a “1.” Saturday and Sunday made up for this by giving him “40” and “42.”

A close friend told him to try his luck at the lottery. He used the first six digits and won the biggest prize.

“42” was the number of times the thief would stab him in his sleep.


Superstition: A person who dreams of numbers will win the lottery.

*Inspired by the prompt Nightmare from The Daily Post.
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