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072 – Homecoming (Knightraven, #1)

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First Part

If he could exist in a different world, Gil knows he would always choose to be at Ethan’s side.

Even if that Ethan turns out to be as much of an asshole as this one apparently still is—

“You’re back,” his once-housemate says, shocked out of a drunken slur.

Gil inwardly gloats as the Prince of Dickheads hurriedly ushers out his guests: a woman in each arm, both looking more confused than upset at being tossed back out too soon.

Ethan closes the door with a huff. “There goes my perfect evening.”

“You’re welcome,” Gil scoffs, finally settling back in.

*Inspired by the prompt if i ruled the world from The Daily Post.

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071 – Adaptation (Pants on Fire, #7)


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“A movie about me?” Jesus muses. “That’ll be the bomb!”

“Dreaming awake again, huh?” Lucifer sneers, tossing a sliced onion at his brother.

Jesus catches the vegetable and chucks it back into the bowl. “Volunteering to be my villain, I see,” he teases.

“Villains are way cooler than heroes, of course.” Judas adjusts his ten-inch thick glasses importantly, before cracking an unpeeled egg on the table. “I’d play Luci’s sidekick any day.”

“A villain and his protégé, I see,” Peter quips, squirting mayo in the new kid’s direction.

Lucifer counters with cider vinegar.

Peter screams like a rooster thrice scorned.

*Inspired by the prompt ready for your close-up  from The Daily Post.

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070 – Spare

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He sees the world through bubbles and glass. Breathes air rationed through a mask cupped to his face. His limbs, when he did have them, have always been bound by wires from sources he couldn’t see.

“He’s just fully grown his right leg, Mrs. West,” the familiar garbled voice of a man says. “But his right eye is ready for harvesting.”

A woman’s exclamations of joy fill the room.

But nobody ever tosses a word of gratitude to him—

The human freakshow stuck in a vat of fluid, regrowing and losing body parts to fill up the incompleteness of strangers.

*Inspired by the prompt flawed from The Daily Post.