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IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge

Day 2! 😊

The Challenge

For this challenge, you will pick up a photograph and describe the memories associated with it. You are welcome to do it on any kind of photograph. It could also be your thoughts on any random photograph. Your post will contain a photograph and a description to it. Add appropriate references if necessary. The length of the description can be wisely decided.

02_Freeze a Foto

I never used to like going to the cemetery. However, I soon realized that this was only because I would only go there on All Saints’ Day when half of the people in the metro were also there. I don’t really like having to elbow my way through a huge crowd just to get to where I want to be. I’d sooner give up and turn back home, if I weren’t there with my family.

After my father died and I have had occasions of going to the cemetery on regular days, when I could literally just dance around the pathways leading to my destination, I have learned to love the calming silence of just being there and the freedom of exploring and getting a feel for the place.

And for some reason, this particular statue near where my father’s grave is would never fail to catch my attention. I feel drawn to it, but at the same time have also always been too afraid to peer into that empty-looking hole at its feet.

What used to be in there and where could it be now?

Every shot I take whenever I am at the cemetery seems to have a story it wants to tell.

I have already learned to love the tranquility of the place. Perhaps someday soon, I will also be brave enough to tell its stories.


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Weekly Photo Challenge 22 [Final]

22 – All-Time Favorites – Cat
22 – All-Time Favorites – Cat

All good things must come to an end
And for my final weekly photo challenge post, I give you one that brings together my love for cats, close-ups, and black-and-white images.

Thank you, The Daily Post for the weekly inspiration and to everyone who has shown their appreciation for my humble pieces. ❤️️

*Inspired by the final photo prompt All-Time Favorites from The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge 21

21 - Twisted - Swirl
21 – Twisted – Swirl

This is a shot of the underside of a shell I found outside of our house.
I have been keeping it in a corner of my workplace, and it has now collected stray hairs from my cats.

The furbabies own the place after all. 😂🐾❤️️

*Inspired by the prompt Twisted from The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge 20

20 – Liquid – Daranak Falls
20 – Liquid – Daranak Falls

I’m not keen on going into bodies of water with the potential of swallowing me alive– translation: I can’t swim. However, this does not stop me from marveling at their beauty. 📷❤️️

This particular body of water is located in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines. 🌞

*Inspired by the prompt Liquid from The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge 19


19 – Place in the World – Waiting
19 – Place in the World – Sto. Domingo Church

I’m not a religious person, but the sight of a church has a way of luring me right in and marvel at the beautiful structure inside. I especially like it when it’s completely quiet, and I can be at ease to just tell God everything that’s in my mind (in my prayer voice, of course). 🙏🏻

This photo carries more than just my story, though. I wonder what the pregnant lady in white is thinking about while waiting for her ride. 🤔

*Inspired by the prompt Place in the World from The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge 18

18 – Unlikely – J.E.E.P.
18 – Unlikely – J.E.E.P.

This was taken en route to the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo in Central Luzon, one of my favorite places ever. ❤️️

To get there, sane people usually take a ride on a 4×4 across a vast stretch of lahar field that does not seem to end. This will cut the trek-time to the crater lake to just a couple of hours.

But we’re only partly sane, so we chose a much cheaper option. 😝
Right there is a jeepney, the most popular transport vehicle here in the Philippines.
Not the most ideal transport to take across lahar fields, of course, but we make do with what we have. 🌄

Besides, we were there for the adventure. And we definitely had that, plus so much more. 😊

*Inspired by the prompt Unlikely from The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge 17


17 – Lines – For Nick

This was taken at the cemetery when we visited my father.

It wasn’t really the gate’s curvy lines or the shadows they created that caught my attention, but the “Happy Birthday” message written on one of the niches inside this family mausoleum.

It’s vandalism. But it’s also sweet and mysterious, nonetheless. The lines and shadows added an eerie feel to the whole thing.

I wonder if Nick ever read this message? 🤔

*Inspired by the prompt Lines from The Daily Post.