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072 – Homecoming (Knightraven, #1)

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First Part

If he could exist in a different world, Gil knows he would always choose to be at Ethan’s side.

Even if that Ethan turns out to be as much of an asshole as this one apparently still is—

“You’re back,” his once-housemate says, shocked out of a drunken slur.

Gil inwardly gloats as the Prince of Dickheads hurriedly ushers out his guests: a woman in each arm, both looking more confused than upset at being tossed back out too soon.

Ethan closes the door with a huff. “There goes my perfect evening.”

“You’re welcome,” Gil scoffs, finally settling back in.

*Inspired by the prompt if i ruled the world from The Daily Post.

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Six Sentence Stories 4 – Fountain

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“They say, when you drink out of this fountain, you will never grow a day old again,” he gushes, breath hitching as the excitement of his discovery completely washes over him.

“Well, they’re not wrong,” she scoffs, clenching her fists to stop herself from dragging the mesmerized guy away from the deceptively inviting sparkle of the springwater; knowing she could never touch a hair on his body anyway.

The clueless dolt, deaf to the rest of the world, scoops a handful and sniffs it as though holding a bouquet of flowers, “Ah, immortality!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she warns, tired of this routine by now; knowing that like her, they would always drink the water anyway.

She doesn’t take her eyes away this time when the guy starts to choke, and openly laughs her ghostly kind of laugh when the filmy form of the guy’s confused, yet ageless soul starts separating from the rest of him.

Death will be so pissed when he sees a dead body floating in his bathwater again.

*Inspired by the prompt FOUNTAIN from the Six Sentence Stories weekly challenge on girlieontheedge.

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Three Line Tales 15 – Cabin

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“A cabin,” she gasps, pulses thrumming as her mind freezes on a thought. “In the woods…”

He takes her hand in his, trying to quell her presumed hesitation. “You got me. You’re safe.”

The trees do little to shield them from moonlight, but do well to mask his screams when she starts feasting on him a week into her unplanned, but perfectly timed hibernation.

*Inspired by the photo prompt above for Week 296 of the Three Line Tales Challenge @ Only 100 Words.

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071 – Adaptation (Pants on Fire, #7)


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“A movie about me?” Jesus muses. “That’ll be the bomb!”

“Dreaming awake again, huh?” Lucifer sneers, tossing a sliced onion at his brother.

Jesus catches the vegetable and chucks it back into the bowl. “Volunteering to be my villain, I see,” he teases.

“Villains are way cooler than heroes, of course.” Judas adjusts his ten-inch thick glasses importantly, before cracking an unpeeled egg on the table. “I’d play Luci’s sidekick any day.”

“A villain and his protégé, I see,” Peter quips, squirting mayo in the new kid’s direction.

Lucifer counters with cider vinegar.

Peter screams like a rooster thrice scorned.

*Inspired by the prompt ready for your close-up  from The Daily Post.

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Three Line Tales 14 – Booth

week 295
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She should’ve known things were about to go awry when the photo booth started to talk like it knew what it was talking about—

“Excuse me, I’m your what?!” she gasped, confusion quickly turning into panic, shooting right up into a slew of pained and horrified screams as the metal walls began to twist, to screech, to crunch.

“Aaah, feisty,” the photo booth trilled amidst the bloody ruckus of its late night dinner. “Bon appétit!”

*Inspired by the photo prompt above for Week 295 of the Three Line Tales Challenge @ Only 100 Words.

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070 – Spare

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He sees the world through bubbles and glass. Breathes air rationed through a mask cupped to his face. His limbs, when he did have them, have always been bound by wires from sources he couldn’t see.

“He’s just fully grown his right leg, Mrs. West,” the familiar garbled voice of a man says. “But his right eye is ready for harvesting.”

A woman’s exclamations of joy fill the room.

But nobody ever tosses a word of gratitude to him—

The human freakshow stuck in a vat of fluid, regrowing and losing body parts to fill up the incompleteness of strangers.

*Inspired by the prompt flawed from The Daily Post.

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Six Sentence Stories 3 – Island

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“How long has it been?” Sol asks, heavy-lidded eyes fixed on the night sky.

“Damn if I know, man,” Anders sighs beside him, sounding just as lazy.

The beach has gone quiet, the tides fortunately low. The stars have been winking at them—mocking them for what seems like eternity.

If he were a speck of light in the sky, looking down on two guys buried to their necks in the sand, in some private island off the coast of nowhere, all because their friends thought they needed time to talk without bolting out on each other, Sol would be laughing, too.

“When we get out of here, let’s find better friends,” Anders suggests, to which Sol just snorts as their hands, which have found each other’s grip underneath layers of sand, tighten around each other.

*Inspired by the prompt ISLAND from the Six Sentence Stories weekly challenge on girlieontheedge.

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Three Line Tales 13 – Canal

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The place looks familiar, but it also feels rather strange that he remembers it without actually remembering it. He’s been here before, but can’t figure out why that matters enough to stop him in his tracks.

The groaning, shambling horde has since crossed the bridge, with only two of them tumbling off the edge into the water—the canal; and yet, here he still stands, chewing thoughtfully on a takeaway hand, drawing in a lungful of the now stale air as reminiscence of a surprise proposal trip he took with his girlfriend starts to spark life back into his undead mind.

He chokes on something and now has half the mind to spit it out into his gray palm. The diamond ring looks familiar, too; he wishes he could just forget again.

*Inspired by the photo prompt above for Week 294 of the Three Line Tales Challenge @ Only 100 Words.

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069 – Sean

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Sean knew he shouldn’t keep the telly open well past bedtime But he couldn’t help it. He also did not regret it.

“That stupid movie again?” his brother grumbled under a clump of moss.

“Shut up,’ he hissed back, not blinking. Never taking his eyes off the scene.

Even with the movie muted, the now familiar cacophony of human screams filled Sean’s head as the windy funnel took the school bus off the road and threw it like a weightless rock to the sea.

It was the biggest shark-fest in movie history.

And Sean loved every bloody second of it.

*Inspired by the prompt hate to love  from The Daily Post.

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068 – Cake

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The intruders were young, barely teenagers.

They were sprawled on the carpet, watching cartoons while eating his cake.

He’d tell them to leave, if he weren’t too worried about upsetting Sally again.

Sally hated it when he treated her guests unkindly.

Even when they were rude and were eating his cake!

He had been hoping to dig into that sugary treat tonight. He’d even practiced his fridge opening technique, too—!

“Dad!” Sally called out. “Your stupid old dog’s home! I think he wants to eat my friends!”

They laughed.

But if they weren’t too skinny, he’d seriously be considering it.

*Inspired by the prompt unexpected guests  from The Daily Post.