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061 – Croak! (Ditches, #8)

sunlight beaming on green trees
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Prince Jon sighs as early morning sunlight touches his face. So comforting. So reassuring.

So right.

So unlike the nightmare of last night.

Of his cousin tripping over an ancient lamp.

Of a wispy purple genie with questionable skills.

Of a frog princess, as big as a bull, appearing out of nowhere—


The startled prince’s eyes snap open, a croak escaping his own throat as the fainting spell wears off and his nightmare’s huge, bulging eyes fills his vision.

“You wish it, you own it,” the unrepentant Genie declares.

Sammy snorts in her laughter.

The frog prince faints again.

*Inspired by the prompt ebb and flow  from The Daily Post.

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