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059 – Fandom (Pants on Fire, #6)

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“Fangirls?” Lucifer snorts. “My dumbass brother has fangirls?!”

“And fanboys, too!” Peter quips, earning an elbow to his side.

Jesus picks a carrot stick from the platter and huffs, “I do appreciate the attention. And most of them are very respectful, too.”

“But…?” teases Lucifer, flicking green peas at his brother.

Peter laughs while Jesus rubs his throbbing forehead. Why did he take his best friend here again?

He sighs, frowning. “I don’t think they understand me at all.”

“I doubt you understand you most of the time.”

Peter laughs again.

Jesus slaps a lettuce on his brother’s grinning face.

*Inspired by the prompt un/faithful  from The Daily Post.

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