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058 – Young at Heart (Collide, #10)

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The idiot sees colors in darkness, rainbows in every storm. His heart is probably made of high-grade pixie-dust, his blood bright like liquid stars—

“Aleks, you’re the worst!” Koko screams, almost blowing her boyish cover.

“Hey, yo? It’s just a fart!”

Lustro blinks out of his Aleks-induced reverie to see Koko dashing out of the tent and the actual Aleks laughing and fanning out his peasant skirt.

Then it hits him, “Dammit, Aleks!” A smell that could launch a thousand ships the same way he is now launching for the exit.

“What?!” Aleks cries.

‘Young-at-heart’ really does go both ways.

*Inspired by the prompt young at heart  from The Daily Post.

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