Challenges · Fiction · Three-Line Tales

Three Line Tales 9 – Paved

Week 184
photo by Dave Herring via Unsplash

The path is paved in rainbow colors, the symbol of hope. At one end of which stands a pale blue structure– pristine and untouched by the devastation that swept through the rest of what was once a lively town. The Girl takes one last look at it and for the first time sees it for what it really is–four walls and a roof.

Turning on legs already wobbled by the plague that killed her community, she catches sight of a faint dash of rainbow in the sky. No pot of gold or empty promises of eternal salvation at the end of it. Just plain hope for another day.

The Girl smiles and shuffles towards it.

*Inspired by the photo prompt above for Week 184 of the Three Line Tales Challenge @ Only 100 Words.

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