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056 – ABC’s (Pants on Fire, #5)

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Jesus didn’t witness the huge falling out between Lucifer and their dad, but he’s heard of “EDEN” and an “accident” that banned apples from the house—

“What happened?” Jesus asks, feeding coins into the vending machine outside his big brother’s apartment.

“What d’you hear?”

“Humor me.”

“I was two. Learning my ABC’s. Thought I’d impress Dad. Typed on his keyboard…” Lucifer snorts. “One lousy word and the entire system went bonkers.”

“He still gets so red at the sight of apples,” Jesus sniggers, snatching his Coke from the slot.

“That big baby,” Lucifer grins, popping a Skittle into his mouth.

*Inspired by the prompt childhood revisited  from The Daily Post.

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