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Prosery #1 – Chop

I found a new flash fiction writing challenge, hosted by dVerse Poets Pub. 😊

food knife dill chopped
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The beat of knife on chopping board—
Chop chop chop, it goes.
A soothing dance of steel on wood. Wood on steel.
Focusing mind on task.

When far away an interrupted cry cuts through measured rhythm…

Lucy closes her eyes, takes a breath.
Nose, heart, veins quivering from a burst of reality.

Sweet and metallic, dripping from the crimson potion on her hands.
Thick soup. Coppery stew.
Full-bodied stock of life.


Eyes snap open. A hand flicks up to rub a passing itch.
Warm potion now on cheek.
Cheek throbbing from latest proof of love.


Another cry…

A smile tugs at swollen lips.
Beat of steel on wood.

“I’m sorry honey.”

“I’ll be a little late with dinner tonight…”

Even when separated from the rest of him,
Hugh’s hands are still so tough.


*Inspired by the prompt “When far away an interrupted cry”  from Prosery Challenge @ dVerse Poets Pub.

2 thoughts on “Prosery #1 – Chop

  1. This is great – the tension, the build up, the hints at the back story. Makes me think the soup will be the death of him…

    Liked by 1 person

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