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052 – Lovesick (Pants on Fire, #4)

person s hand with cupcake
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Jesus bites his lip, but fails to stop a snort from rushing out his nose.

“Dumbass!” Lucifer grabs his beanie back and jams it to his head.

“I’m not the one covering up a muffin-shaped pink hair here, big bro,” Jesus slips into the booth, swiping a chip from Lucifer’s plate. “Pink is more Lilith’s color, though.”

“Yeah?” Lucifer moves his plate away, smirking at Jesus’ huff of protest. “Go get a girlfriend so I can laugh at your lovesick antics, too.”

“You’re already one romantic too many,” Jesus grabs his brother’s apple pie next. “And I don’t like pink.”

*Inspired by the prompt new sensation  from The Daily Post.

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