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051 – Yes (Glasses, #6)

bicycle bike blue bricks
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“Marry you?” Sam laughs like he’s just said a joke. “Glasses, are you out of your mind?”

“But aren’t we—I mean, what are we…?” He flinches at the desperation in his voice, the frown that replaces her laughter.

“We’re dating.”

“And then..?”

“We’re going home.”

He sighs into his Coke.

Sam chews thoughtfully on a toothpick. Eyes narrowing, testing.

Later on the way home, he finds himself wrapped up in her arms. Her warm breath like feather teasing his ears—

“I’d love to grow old together…”

He mispedals. She giggles. Bike somehow rights itself.

A simple “yes” would’ve sufficed.

*Inspired by the prompt happy endings  from The Daily Post.

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