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047 – Eyes (Collide, #8)

person eye
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Fifth Part | Sixth Part | Seventh Part | Eighth Part | Ninth Part

“Where have you been?”

Aleks reels back, slapping a hand to his chest like he’s just seen a two-headed ghost. Lustro coughs back a groan, frown held in place.

“Yeah, Aleks?” Koko chimes in. “Mama Lustro’s been looking for you all day.”

Lustro reaches out, growling. The giggling teenager bounces out of his way. Over and over until laughter fills the whole tent.

From seven childish boys.

And Aleks—

Bright blue eyes dancing with glee…

Narrowed like the green ones on some Poncho guy this morning, glaring daggers into his soul—

Lustro trips on a shoe.

The laughter spills over.

*Inspired by the prompt modern families  from The Daily Post.

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