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041 – Irony (Collide, #4)

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First Part | Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part | Fifth Part

Aleks is sleeptalking again. It wouldn’t have bothered Lustro, if he could understand even half of what the dumbass is saying.

Aleks has also been scratching himself shamelessly, slipping a hand down his pants so much that Lustro is now considering pulling those stupid pants off and–


What does he intend to do, exactly?

Aleks turns to his side like he’s just been reading Lustro’s mind.

Lustro snorts at the irony of it all–

Aleks is his every reason to believe in a better tomorrow.

To get there, the dumbass is also the one person he needs to kill.

*Inspired by the prompt reason to believe  from The Daily Post.

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