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040 – Mud (Collide, #3)

horror crime death psychopath
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First Part | Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part

Kids! His stupid twin is playing with kids! Laughing and muddying up his face like it’s all he lives for—!

The face the dumb prick shares with him. The dumb face those kids no longer respect!

Vin taps the dagger on his hip, his grip tightening as Aleks nosedives into the muddy puddle. He itches to just stop time and make ribbons out of those kids’ flesh—

The more perceptive Lustro joins in, forcing Vin to slip behind a tree, cursing.

Aleks squeals like a pig.

Vin’s grip tightens even more. His hand starts bleeding.

Just a little while now…

*Inspired by the prompt can’t stand me  from The Daily Post.

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