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039 – Bird (Collide, #2)

selective focus photograph of black crow
Photo by Tom Swinnen on

First Part | Second Part | Third Part

“It’s that bird again,” Aleks says, following the animal’s flight, a hand shading his eyes to the sun.

Lustro looks up as the black bird alights on a nearby tree. “What about it?”

“It’s been following us since two—No…” Aleks flips his fingers, counting. “Maybe four or five towns down.”

“A fan, perhaps?”

“Whose, mine?”

“No, mine,” Lustro smirks. “I was quite dashing in our last show!”

“Sure,” Aleks teases, landing a playful punch on his best friend’s arm. “Mr. Bug-in-the-Meadow!”

“Whatever, Mr. Dead-Tree-in-the-Mountain!”

They laugh and tease some more.

The bird keeps watching.

And Lustro secretly watches back.

*Inspired by the prompt witness protection  from The Daily Post.

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