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035 – Mom

adult affection baby belly
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“What do you mean you can’t take me to Neverland?”

Peter Pan settles on the windowsill, cross-legged and sighing. “You’re a girl.”

The little girl pouts. “But you took Mom! And Gramma, too!”

“We’ve outgrown moms. Heard dads are cooler.”

“But moms tell stories—”

“We’ve already heard all the stories.”

“Moms make cakes—”

“We’ve found a tree that grows them.”

“Well, you can’t grow warm hugs.”


“And a mother’s sweet smile.” The little girl leans closer to show off one of hers.

“Fine!” Peter huffs, leaping to his feet. “We’ll just try dads next month, I guess.”

“Smart choice.”

*Inspired by the prompt key takeaway  from The Daily Post.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms and mom figures in our lives~! ❤️️

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