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033 – Smile (Circuits, #7)

close up cubes daytime design
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on

First Part | Second Part | Third Part
Fourth Part | Fifth Part | Sixth Part | Seventh Part | Eighth Part

The red line in Feebz’s goggle-eye is quivering in small, hopeful curves. “You like it?”

Last Man frowns at the huge nearly perfect circle freshly painted on the wall. “Where have you seen it?”

Feebz slaps his shoulder, chuckling. “It’s your face, silly!”

“It’s a smiley face.”


“I don’t smile.”

“Oh, but you do!” The line starts peaking into mountains now.

“Well, I hate it.” he mumbles, turning away to hide his secret grin.

Feebz’s shoulders slump with a soft whir.

“It’s missing your smile beside it,” he teases.

An hour later and the smiling football head is done.

*Inspired by the prompt quote me  from The Daily Post and the line, “Your art matters…” from One Tree Hill.

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