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032 – Saturday Night (Pants on Fire, #3)

popcorn serving in white ceramic bowl
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Jesus tosses a bag of Koepsell’s into the microwave. “Can’t tonight, bro.”

“Why not?” Lucifer whines in his ear, almost dislodging his earpiece.

“Got company.”


“Peter’s coming over with Maddie.” Jesus checks his phone for a text from his best friend. “You can join us if you want. Bring Lilith.”

“Wouldn’t Dad just love that!”

“Dad’s out.”

“You know he’s still watching, right?”

Jesus glances at the camera in one corner of the kitchen. “Like that has ever stopped you before.”

“Need help turning those things off?”

“Dad’s gonna be so pissed.”

“I live to serve, brother.”

Jesus snickers.

*Inspired by the prompt saturday night  from The Daily Post.

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