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030 – Dodos (Pants on Fire, #2)

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“Dad warns me not to see you anymore,” Jesus says, twirling his pasta.

“Why? What’d you do?” Lucifer sneers between bites of pizza.

“Not me.” Jesus points his fork at his brother. “It’s you who have been spreading lies about his passion project—”

“Not lies, brother.”

Jesus dabs a napkin to his lips. “I think Dad’s just too proud to admit you’re right.”

Lucifer frowns, amused. “Yeah?”

“He’s been talking about upgrading his simulation game.”


“He may ask you and Horsemen, Inc. for help soon.”

“Sure,” Lucifer grins. “But only if he promises to make dodo birds great again.”

*Inspired by the prompt the eighth sin  from The Daily Post.

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