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029 – Pants on Fire (Pants on Fire, #1)

fire wallpaper
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First Part | Second Part

Jesus enters Hell’s Diner and spots Lucifer in their usual corner. “Rough week?”

“Same old, brother.” Lucifer signals for the waitress as Jesus slips into the booth.

“Just water for me, please.” Jesus smiles at the waitress, winks at his brother. “Dinner with Dad at eight.”

Lucifer grunts, half-feigning concern. “What’s the old prick up to these days?”

“The usual. A sprinkling of blessings here. A deluge of disasters there.”

“Typical,” Lucifer mumbles around his spoon.

“He also still misses you.”


Then both of them laugh.

“You’re such a sucky liar, little bro.”

“Good thing I’m not wearing pants.”

*Inspired by the prompt a bird, a plane, you!  from The Daily Post.

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