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027 – Curious (Circuits, #6)

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Feebz’s voice chip had been the hardest to customize—

“I couldn’t decide whether to configure a slobbering pet or a companion that won’t shut up,” Last Man mumbles, turning to his side.

Feebz starts clawing at air with her disjointed fingers. “Meow.”

“Stop it, Feebz,” he groans, lacking conviction as Feebz hops around his bed, meowing and pawing in turns.

“Sourpuss,” the giggling robot teases, slumping to the couch.

It’s not that he regrets his choice. Feebz is good companion, never a dull moment.

He just wishes she’d stop being so curious at half-past midnight—

“So, about this football head…”

*Inspired by the prompt voice work from The Daily Post.

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