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045 – Bump (Collide, #7)

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“Hey!” Lustro calls out. “Hooded Poncho! Stop!”

Amidst the marketplace crowd, Vin freezes and gropes for his dagger. Appalled to find it gone, he wheels around and spots it in the other guy’s hand.

“You dropped this.” Lustro’s eyes are sharp, suspicious. He’s clearly upset over more than just the shoulder-bump.

Vin approaches with caution, half of his face hidden behind his black hood. “Thanks,” he grunts, snatching his dagger.

“Nice blade. First-rate craftsmanship.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, thief,” Vin quips.

Because he’s sure he couldn’t have dropped the dagger.

And the naughty smirk on Lustro’s face says enough.

*Inspired by the prompt now you see me  from The Daily Post.