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Bite-sized Tales 022-028


Bud misses spring by a second.

*Prompt Source: Sweek.


Curious Jack grows his second beanstalk.

*Prompt Source: Sweek.

026_A Deserted Island

Wrinkly Peter muses, “This isn’t Neverland.”

*Prompt Source: Sweek.

025_Ideal Vacation Destination

Still expecting paradise behind closet doors.

*Prompt Source: Sweek.


Smiling, the Beast says, “Screw it!”

*Prompt Source: Sweek.

023_Describe Love

Love is treasuring the unexpected things.

*Prompt Source: Sweek.


Ashfall covers earth in final winter.

*Prompt Source: Sweek.

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026 – Companion (Circuits, #5)

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If someone had told him he’d be stuck with a robot companion in a hundred years, Last Man would have laughed it off and said, “Who’d want to live that long?”

A hundred and fifteen years and thirty major upgrades to his mechanical parts later, Last Man would have already forgotten what laughter is, had it not for the perceptive robot with the football head.

“Reminiscing again?”

“Hmmm…” he mumbles, amused. While he’s become half-machine out of necessity, Feebz’s circuits seem to be turning human out of sheer will.

“Need a reboot?”

“In a while,” he says. “In a while.”

*Inspired by the prompt roaring laughter from The Daily Post.

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025 – Cover (Circuits, #4)

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The remaining cover of Feebz’s hardbound comic book falls off. “Oh no!”

He watches amused as the red line on the robot’s goggle-eye wobbles; her precocious circuits clearly catching on to her distress.

“There goes my fairy tale!” She sits beside him with a huff, her book on her lap.

He reaches out to take it and carefully skims through the paneled pages. “I didn’t know you could read.”

“I couldn’t. But pictures tell the story, see?”

“This ain’t fairy tale, though,” he muses, catching “death” where she’s pointing.

“Well, doesn’t that depend on who’s reading?”

He smiles. “Good point.”

*Inspired by the prompt second time around from The Daily Post.

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024 – Outsider

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He was an outsider, an insignificant stain in the fabric of normalcy. Even after normalcy was thrown out the window, he still did not quite belong.

The mutation had been quick. He watched it happen to his brother, his best friend followed suit. But the third limb was just an interlude to an entire chorus of changes: of fingers merging together, entire scalps falling off. Of noses splitting and lips getting stuck in voiceless screams.

Ten years ago, he caught fire in his face.

He was deaf enough to miss the deadly alien opera that took the rest of humanity.

*Inspired by the prompt critical eye from The Daily Post.

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023 – Morning After (Ditches, #5)

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The lady knight’s head has been stuck in the chamber pot all morning, and Prince Jon has been enjoying the sight of it more than he should.

“Go away,” Sam groans, spilling the rest of her curses into the pot with last night’s feast.

“I would, if you haven’t given all of our gold coins to your bitch—”

“She has a name!”


Sam looks baffled for a moment, then whimpers and sticks her head back into the pot. “I hate you.”

“Is that her hooker name?”



Gag. Groan. Gag.

They never did get their gold coins back.

*Inspired by the prompt naked with black socks from The Daily Post.