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006 – Broken (Circuits, #1)

petaled flower drawing on white egg shell
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First Part | Second Part

“My horn’s broken…” she says.

“What?” he snaps.

“My horn,” she says again, before blowing into her brass coiled instrument. “Hear that?”


“Exactly! Someone’s been messing with my instrument!”

He takes a closer look. “Seems all fine to me. Maybe you just need to blow harder—”

“That’s like saying I’m the one who’s broken, right?”

“Woah! I didn’t say that!”

She sniffles. “You think I’m broken…”

“Okay, maybe…” He backs away, then stops. Sighing, he reaches out one copper hand and gives the misplaced wire on her neck a gentle shove. “But it’s not something that can’t be fixed.”

*Inspired by the prompt toot your horn from The Daily Post.

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