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004 – Be Still (Collide, #1)

silhouette of bird flying
Photo by amy chung on

First Part | Second Part

The bird freezes in mid-flight and Vin starts to feel invincible. Every space he claims between himself and his twin adds a thrill of power to his already giddy heart.

Aleks’ eyes are bright and blue, alive even in the stillness of time. Vin raises the tip of his dagger to one unseeing iris, letting his weapon glide gently down one flushed cheek. He cannot wait to wipe that cloying smile from off that face. His face.

Soon, this will all be mine…

The bird starts clumsily regaining its balance.

Vin is already gone when Aleks regains his temporary life.

*Inspired by the prompt pace oddity from The Daily Post.

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