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003 – Six

lighted candle
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“Where’s Earl?”

“I’m here.”

“And Michael?”

“On your right, bro. Boo!”

“Prick! Will you stop fooling around?!”

“Hey, is nobody gonna ask after me?”

“All right, where are you Jon?”


“Shit! Why does your hand feel so cold?!”

“I ain’t touching you!”

“That was me.”



“How’d you get there so fast?”

“Get where? I’ve been here since the lights went out.”

“T-Then, who’s this blowing cold airs into my e-ear?”

Very funny, Louie!”

“Who’s trying to be funny, Tom? Earl, will you please stop it!”

“Try again…”

“I’m over here, Lou…”

“Holy mother of—!”


*Inspired by the prompt counting voices from The Daily Post.

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