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Drabble #065

brown cardboard robot artwork
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Cleaning up has always been a tedious affair. The clanging bundle of metal marked CU148 would’ve hated being assigned to it, had he been given enough emotional chips to care.

But cleanup robots aren’t supposed to care. They aren’t supposed to feel anything besides a straightforward will to clear a post-apocalyptic planet of debris, following a mandated attack from an army of merciless destroyer robots.

Sentimentality has no place in a cleanup robots’ basic system.

But something akin to an ache in the chest always makes CU148 stop and pick something up to keep.

And his mementos just keep growing.

*Inspired by the prompt Record from The Daily Post.
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Challenges · Drabble · Fiction

Drabble #064

boy child childhood happiness
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It’s like living in a dream, only that he’s been living the same one for the last five years.

He wakes up, brows furrowing as he realizes his mom is no longer in bed beside him.

The inevitable smile, the sparkle in his eyes as he bounces off into the kitchen, following the smell of bacon in the air—

Every morning it’s like this.

And every morning she would stand here, heart breaking anew, at the doorway of their old room, watching as the residual imprint of a life taken too soon relives his final hours on a different plane.

*Inspired by the prompt Fabric from The Daily Post.
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