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Drabble #060

sea water wave sunrise
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She heard of the world beyond when she was five. Ten years later, it’s still all she wants to see.

Everyone who had seen the shore would speak of all the magical things she has always hoped to feel for herself.

Her fishtail has lost its significance as her heart continues to swell with hope at what awaits her on the other side.

She is fifteen when she sees the man on the ship.

Ten years later, they are still together, and all the world she needs, she now sees in his eyes.

They do shine brighter on the seafloor.

*Inspired by the prompt Aware from The Daily Post.
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Challenges · Drabble · Fiction

Drabble #059

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“Thank you,” is all I have to say for the times you weren’t there by my side.
Gratitude is what I feel for all the love you never once showed me.

I have nothing but praise for every time you screwed with my life,
and salute you for letting me go when I needed you the most.

I appreciate your lack of confidence in what I never knew I could do,
and will forever treasure the echoes of the encouragements you never once told me—

Because lying abandoned on the sidewalk of your mockeries, my soul finally found its purpose.

*Inspired by the prompt Gratitude from The Daily Post.
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