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Drabble #052

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She was the first virgin to get pregnant in their town. Mother couldn’t be prouder.

She knew enough not to question the circumstances of her conception. Grandma often told her it was too divine to understand.

But Father had always thought otherwise. Perhaps this was the reason why he left without saying goodbye.

Father did not believe she was worthy and even once tried to take her away.

If only he could see her now—

The first wave of labor pains ripped through her body, making her scream.

She was dead before she could hear her horned baby’s first breath.


Superstition: If a pregnant woman’s abdomen is pointed, her baby will be a boy; if it is round, the baby will be a girl.

*Inspired by the prompt Depth from The Daily Post.
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Challenges · Drabble · Fiction

Drabble #051

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The kid had been standing in his usual corner, staring at her like he was cursing her soul.

Mommy told her to stop staring back. But she couldn’t help it. She didn’t like strangers in her house. She had enough of those at the orphanage.

“I don’t know who you are, or what your deal is,” she said one fine night, while flossing the meaty bits of her new Mommy stuck to her teeth. “But this family is mine, so you better stay away.”

The ghostly apparition opened his mouth in a silent scream.

“Tomorrow, it will be Daddy’s turn…”


Superstition: The number of people sleeping in a new house the first night should be the same for nine consecutive days. Otherwise, death will occur.

*Inspired by the prompt Peculiar from The Daily Post.
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