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Drabble #037

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Just another day at work, another bullet buried deep into the skull of his latest assignment.

Ben sighed before stepping into his apartment.

“How was it?” came a sultry greeting, her expensive perfume betraying her identity.

“It’s done,” he grunted, not bothering to turn on the light. “He will not be bothering you anymore.”

“Good.” The bed creaked loudly as the woman stood up. She tossed something to his lap and squeezed his shoulder before departing his place.

He brushed his fingers through the wad of money his mother left him, wondering which drunken stepfather he’d have to kill next.


Superstition:If you wear black clothes even though you are not in mourning, one of your relatives will die.

*Inspired by the prompt Puzzled from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #036

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He paints with conviction, losing a little of himself in each thoughtful stroke, each swipe of color.

It always starts with an image in his head. One that sticks with him even in his waking hours.

A vision that quickly bleeds into action, the same way each drop of crimson springs from each cut flesh.

He draws them right away, even before their eyes turn dull, before their blood get too thick to control.

The image in his dream, now a reality right before him.

Each lifeless victim watching on as he paints their likeness with their own red paint.

*Inspired by the prompt Paint from The Daily Post.
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Weekly Photo Challenge 21

21 - Twisted - Swirl
21 – Twisted – Swirl

This is a shot of the underside of a shell I found outside of our house.
I have been keeping it in a corner of my workplace, and it has now collected stray hairs from my cats.

The furbabies own the place after all. 😂🐾❤️️

*Inspired by the prompt Twisted from The Daily Post.