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Drabble #031 – Dominant (Glasses, #2)

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First Part | Second Part | Third Part

“Glasses!” she calls from the end of the hallway.

He almost trips on his own foot in a poor attempt to run away.

She catches up to him anyway and casually swings an arm around his shoulders. “Hey!”

“H-Hey yourself.” He chokes on his heartbeat when she pouts and pulls him closer to her side.

“You missed lunch with me. I waited…”

“I was at the library, finishing up on s-stuffs,” he stammers.

“But you’ll walk me home later, yes?”

“I c-can’t—”


“We can ride my bike…” His blush is unbidden.

“Okay.” And so is hers. “But I’m driving.”

*Inspired by the prompt Dominant from The Daily Post.
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