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Weekly Photo Challenge 18

18 – Unlikely – J.E.E.P.
18 – Unlikely – J.E.E.P.

This was taken en route to the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo in Central Luzon, one of my favorite places ever. ❤️️

To get there, sane people usually take a ride on a 4×4 across a vast stretch of lahar field that does not seem to end. This will cut the trek-time to the crater lake to just a couple of hours.

But we’re only partly sane, so we chose a much cheaper option. 😝
Right there is a jeepney, the most popular transport vehicle here in the Philippines.
Not the most ideal transport to take across lahar fields, of course, but we make do with what we have. 🌄

Besides, we were there for the adventure. And we definitely had that, plus so much more. 😊

*Inspired by the prompt Unlikely from The Daily Post.

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