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Drabble #028 – Jeopardize (Glasses, #1)

black framed clubmaster style eyeglasses
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First Part | Second Part

She is trouble with a capital T.

He knows this.

But whenever she looks at him like he’s all the man she sees, he loses most of his good sense in the next deep breath.

And when she smiles, he loses himself entirely—

She picks one of his bullies by the scruff of the neck and throws him across the hall.

Her roughness hardly surprises him now.

“Bitch!” Sean screams, whaling and missing and tripping on his own foot.

Glasses belongs to me, asshole,” she snarls.

She may be trouble, all right.

But she’s his own kind of thorny ruffian.

*Inspired by the prompt Jeopardize from The Daily Post.
*Also posted on

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