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Drabble #040 – Permit (Glasses, #4)

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She never asked for permission to be his friend. She just became one without warning. That’s just how she is, and he doubts this is ever going to change.

It’s not like he ever asked her to leave either. At first, it was because he was too freaked out to dare, lest he ended up finding himself on the wrong end of her fist.

Right now, though, it does not bother him anymore.

Especially after she took to the habit of cheekily lacing her fingers through his willing hand.

She still calls him Glasses.

This, too, he does not mind.

*Inspired by the prompt Permit from The Daily Post.
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Weekly Photo Challenge 22 [Final]

22 – All-Time Favorites – Cat
22 – All-Time Favorites – Cat

All good things must come to an end
And for my final weekly photo challenge post, I give you one that brings together my love for cats, close-ups, and black-and-white images.

Thank you, The Daily Post for the weekly inspiration and to everyone who has shown their appreciation for my humble pieces. ❤️️

*Inspired by the final photo prompt All-Time Favorites from The Daily Post.

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Drabble #039

women s green and white floral headband during nighttime
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As sure as queens need kings, so does his muse need an escort.

And looking into the mirror shows him who the right person could be.

With the proper suit, a little waxing of the hair, and two fingers on each side of the lips to force a smile, the school’s most celebrated quarterback in years can really pull off a rather convincing prince-charming act.

His sister won’t be attending prom this year, but he did so well covering up the self-inflicted rope mark around her neck for this shot.

The least a dead jock could do is to cooperate.

*Inspired by the prompt Muse from The Daily Post.
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Drabble #038

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He’s a weirdo, or so they say. He knows himself enough to believe them.

Did he hate them? Of course not! They know better than he does after all.

They think of him in contempt, but he in his inherent humility always tries to understand where they’re coming from. Even if he doesn’t, he convinces himself he does.

And when they come running down the school corridor, with a hand to their face, blood spurting from their cut tongues, he genuinely feels sorry for them, too.

He may be the forgiving sort.

But the old crone he calls grandmother isn’t.


Superstition: If a person bites her tongue, it means somebody is thinking of or talking about her.

*Inspired by the prompt Sympathize from The Daily Post.
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