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Drabble #026

boy wearing gray hoodie
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He came to her at a time when she felt like she needed no one else but herself.

They cruised through the motions, sharing a connection much deeper than their souls.

But then came the other she, a secret he had managed to keep for only as long as fate and their breaths could allow it.

She could never give him what he wanted. The other she gave him everything he ever needed—

The orphaned boy came to her at a time when she felt like her heart could never love again.

He smiled.

He looked just like his father.

*Inspired by the prompt Miniature from The Daily Post.
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Drabble-a-Day #025

stack of love wooden blocks
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He did not mean to be so obvious, but how could one pretend to not be smitten in the face of such perfection?

She was her reason to breathe. The purpose behind everything he did.

Wherever she went, he followed. Whatever she did, he forgave.

She owned him more than he owned her.

From the first moment their eyes met, he knew she would be queen of his life.

Samara rubbed her cheek against his palm, more routine than affectionate.

He sighed as she curled into a comfortable ball at the center of his bed and purred herself to sleep.

*Inspired by the prompt Obvious from The Daily Post.
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Weekly Photo Challenge 17


17 – Lines – For Nick

This was taken at the cemetery when we visited my father.

It wasn’t really the gate’s curvy lines or the shadows they created that caught my attention, but the “Happy Birthday” message written on one of the niches inside this family mausoleum.

It’s vandalism. But it’s also sweet and mysterious, nonetheless. The lines and shadows added an eerie feel to the whole thing.

I wonder if Nick ever read this message? 🤔

*Inspired by the prompt Lines from The Daily Post.