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Drabble-a-Day #017

child baby newborn arms
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It wasn’t the crazed smile that he first noticed, but the eyes.

She had round, mysterious eyes that told a different story with every glint.

Not that the openly heartbroken officer needed to look any further than the stillborn baby in the garbage heap beside the humming woman to know her tale.

He knelt before her, staining his pants on a puddle of her birthing blood.

But the troubled mother could not be comforted.

She also fiercely refused to give up the bundled placenta she has been cradling in her arms—

“My baby’s sleeping,” she hissed.”Please don’t wake him up.”


Superstition: After the baby is delivered, the umbilical cord must be rubbed on the newborn’s cheek to produce dimples.

*Inspired by the prompt Blindly from The Daily Post.
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