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Weekly Photo Challenge 6

06_Tour Guide
06 – Tour Guide – Seashore somewhere in the Philippines

We moved out of the city two years ago, and this challenge made me realize I haven’t really yet gone around to snap photos of the new place–which is really not so new anymore, come to think of it. 😂

This particular piece of paradise on earth is nowhere near our “not-so’new” new home. To be perfectly honest, I can no longer remember where this photo was taken. (Once upon a time, we went exploring the sea as a sidetrip post-climb… and it now feels like a memory I had from another lifetime 😕)

Nonetheless, I chose to post this image for the challenge, because if I were to be a tour guide for a day, I would probably be taking my guest/s to the nearest beach.

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with that. Especially not in a tropical country. 🌞

*Inspired by the prompt Tour Guide from The Daily Post.

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