Television Original Anime Opens Worldwide Singing Voice Auditions

Are you a female anime fan, under 25 y/o, who loves to sing and can hit those notes in native-level English?

You might want to check this out: http://carolandtuesday.com/index_en.html

It’s for an upcoming television original anime to be directed by Shinichirō Watanabe of “Cowboy Bebop” fame.

Audition period is only until April 25 – Japan Time. 😊

Carol & Tuesday
Image credit: Carol & Tuesday Official Site
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Drabble-a-Day #005

person in brown skirt doing ballet
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

She danced all night until she could no longer feel her feet.

And in the mornings, she chose to sleep like she was never going to wake up again.

This had been her routine for the past five days, waltzing away in this secret paradise to escape her harsh realities.

Each minute spent in her dreamy prince’s arms was a calming breath she could take when the clock finally struck midnight and the meat cleaver’s caress threatens to cloud her mind.

She had lost much of her lower limbs by now.

Yet in her dreams, she just kept on dancing.

*Inspired by the prompt Reservation from The Daily Post.
*Also posted on Drablr.com.

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Drabble-a-Day #004

grayscale photo of house interior
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The princess met the mirror by accident, and had not meant to fall for its charms.

Yet, here she is standing before it for the third straight day, angling for her best sides like she lives for nothing else.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall… Who is the fairest of us all?”

The Mirror replies right away lest he incites the young girl’s disfavor. “The new face may take some time to settle, but even without it, you shall remain unrivaled, my lady.”

“Liar,” the princess teases, adjusting the bloody mask on her face. “I wonder what my stepmom would say…”

*Inspired by the prompt Glass from The Daily Post.
*Also posted on Drablr.com.