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Drabble-a-Day #003

abandoned ancient architecture building
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Gingerly, she placed her hair on the hook, measuring out the length the prince would need to scale her doorless tower.

As soon as the charming blond head appeared at the window, the imprisoned princess put on her most inviting smile.

She had no room to back out now, and the clueless visitor did not even get to scream.

Cutting off the head was surprisingly easier than sewing her hair into the prince’s delicate scalp.

But just before sunset, she was miraculously out of that tower.

While the prince’s head dangled on the anchoring hook, waiting for the witch’s return.

*Inspired by the prompt Gingerly from The Daily Post.
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Weekly Photo Challenges 1-5

Although I am already more than a couple of weeks late, I hope to take part in the Weekly Photo Challenges this year. Each week, I will be posting a combination of old and new photos I took throughout the years in response to the upcoming prompts. Here are my responses for weeks 1 to 5. 📷

*Inspired by the prompt Growth from The Daily Post.

01 – Growth – @ Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

An old photo I took on my second hike up a mountain. I didn’t think I was going to do it again after the first one, but I ended up proving myself wrong. This perfectly represents GROWTH for me in that sense. If I had said no to progress, I would not have been able to capture such a magnificent sight. ♥

*Inspired by the prompt Weathered from The Daily Post.

02 – Weathered – Paoay Church Bell Tower @ Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

This particular part of the church looked and felt haunting to me. And yet, at the same time, I could not help but be mesmerized by it. There’s so much history and mystery written on its walls. Just standing there made me feel awed, humbled, and so underdressed in the presence of majesty.

*Inspired by the prompt Silence from The Daily Post.

03 – Silence – @ Mount. Pinatubo, Central Luzon, Philippines

Our outdoor club had to walk the entire day just to get to this point. We were such cheapskates adventurers that we opted out of the four-wheel ride option. But all hardships paid off when we took the final turn and this was the view that greeted us. This particular angle was taken from an elevated place the morning after. We spent the night, and it was like being in an entirely different world. I wouldn’t mind walking all over again just to get back to this place. ♥

*Inspired by the prompt Variations on a Theme from The Daily Post.

04_Variations on a Theme
04 – Variations on a Theme – Hanging Lanterns @ Mount Samat National Shrine in Pilar, Bataan, Philippines

Haunting is all I can remember of this place. But it was also beautiful. This is a historical shrine complex  in the Philippines built in honor of the brave Filipino and American soldiers who fought in World War II. There have also been stories of ghosts roaming this place. Too bad none ever crossed my path while I was there.

*Inspired by the prompt Beloved from The Daily Post.

05 – Beloved – Blaine and Kid ♥

My BELOVED cats. ‘Nuff said. ♥

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Drabble-a-Day #002

close up of moon in the sky
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With only a minute left to midnight, she should’ve been well on her way back home.

But the enraptured girl just kept on dancing on her glass shoes.

On and on she went. Round and round she spun in the charming prince’s arms.

Her feet were sore, though her heart was surprisingly light.

Just a second more, she thought. Just one more second…

Then the clock struck twelve.

And the disguise could no longer hide the truth.

The thirst.

Her incisors.

She was back home no later than two.

A disheveled beast in a blood-stained gown… And one glass shoe.

*Inspired by the prompt Stubborn from The Daily Post.
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Drabble-a-Day #001

nature water eyes pond
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It’s true that bringing the golden ball back was nothing more than a strategic move. After all, a frog like him had nothing to lose and everything to gain from the girl who valued nothing.

So he dove, took the ball between webbed hands, and swam back up like his entire life depended on it.

“Take me home,” he said, a royal request to which the girl just groaned.

Then cursed.

Then slipped in an attempt to run away.

The frog had since moved to a different pond.

One that didn’t have a proud princess resting on its chilly bottom.

*Inspired by the prompt Plop from The Daily Post.
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